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At FadeAway Ink, we use the PicoSure laser to remove unwanted tattoos. PicoSure represents a major advancement in laser tattoo removal technology. Unlike outdated Q-switched lasers, the PicoSure laser uses picosecond laser technology to blast away tattoo inks in less time and with fewer side effects! It works by breaking up the ink into tiny particles that can be naturally expelled from the body. PicoSure laser treatments can remove the full spectrum of colored tattoo inks, including tough-to-remove greens and blues.

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Every patient is different, and scheduling a consult with our tattoo removal expert is the best way to learn how many sessions will be needed to remove your tattoo. Many patients experience total ink clearance after 4-6 laser treatments, but results will vary depending on the size and color of the tattoo. If you are interested in lightening your tattoo to prepare for a cover-up, PicoSure can help with that as well! If you can tolerate the pain from getting a tattoo, you can certainly tolerate the removal process.


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